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Spider-i has recently launched its H200 agricultural drone. The drone comes with an impressive 92-liter tank, and is one of the biggest agricultural spraying drones around. Its capacity allows for extended operations over large areas, minimising the need for frequent refills.

The H200 boasts a standard payload capacity of 100 kilograms, and has been engineered to fly longer. This extended duration ensures that large-scale missions can be completed with fewer interruptions for recharging, making the H200 a game-changer for time-sensitive operations.

The agricultural H200 is equipped with four centrifugal spray heads capable of a high flow rate of 24 litres per minute, enhanced by two external filters to prevent clogging from impurities, a common issue when using local water sources.

Its intelligent flight control system, coupled with upgraded avionics and an enhanced cooling system, boosts computational power, facilitating efficient and precise autonomous operations. These features, along with obstacle avoidance and terrain-following capabilities, ensure smooth and uninterrupted flights.


Manufacturer:Spider-i (China)
Max payload capacity:100 kgs (92L tank)
No. rotors / effective swath width:8/8-20m
Droplet size60-400μm
Maximum flow rate:24L per minute
Spray capacity33 ha per hour
Max flight time (per charge):6-15 min
Battery capacity in mAh:18S 32,000 mAh x 2
Standard charge time:Equipped with a rapid intelligent charger
Recommended retail price:From US $19,000

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