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The H32X is designed for smaller fields, has a 16L tank, and offers reliability and efficiency in a compact form. It has an intelligent spraying system, which allows for high-pressure spraying for deep penetration, enhancing effectiveness in pest and disease control. The H32X is capable of pesticide spraying, seeding and fertilizing.

The drone also has a highly integrated flight control system, rigorously tested with thousands of hours of field flying. Automatic Obstacle Avoidance ensures safe operation with front and rear obstacle avoidance radars, and terrain-following radar. A durable and waterproof design helps the drone to withstand harsh conditions. HD FPV cameras and night mode allow for continuous operation, day and night.

The H32X also has a high-efficiency spreading system, capable of 50 kg per minute spreading. It features 360° spreading for consistent, gap-free coverage. The modular design of the drone allows for quick disassembly.


Manufacturer:Spider-i (China)
Max payload capacity:16-litre spraying, 25 kgs spreading
No. rotors / effective swath width:4/4-8 metres
Droplet size60-400μm
Maximum flow rate:8 litre per minute
Spray capacity10 ha per hour
Max flight time (per charge):5.5 min (with full-load)
Battery capacity in mAh:30,000 mAh
Standard charge time:11 min (30% – 95%)
Recommended retail price:From US $3,500

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