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Manufacturer: Lemken (previously Steketee)
Implement: Lemken IC-Weeder AI
Weeding tools: Mechanical, 2 sickle-shaped blades
Pricing: €126.587 ($138.709 according to the exchange rate of 05-04-2023)

The Steketee IC-Weeder AI is an automatic intra-row hoeing machine that relies on single plant recognition supported by artificial intelligence (AI). Based on that, active hoeing blades move between the plants in one row to remove any weed present. It can do that as close as 1 cm to the plants with working widths up to 6 m and working speeds up to 3 km/h. The implement works best with row distances of 25 cm and up and plant distances of 18 cm and up. The IC-Weeder AI has multiple cameras covering 60 cm field of vision each.

A compressor provides the pneumatic pressure to actively move the two sickle-shaped blades between the plants in the row. The interrow and in-row tools are mounted on a parallelogram-element that follow the contour. The support wheels guarantee the correct working depth of the blades and via the side shift-frame the machine is steered precisely between the rows.


Manufacturer:Steketee (The Netherlands)
Implement:IC-Weeder AI
Weeding tools:Mechanical, 2 sickle-shaped blades
Working width:Up to 6.0 m
Capacity (max driving speed):3 km/h
Weeds … close to plants:1 cm
Energy source:PTO, hydraulics
Energy consumption:Unknown
Suitable for (crops):>18 cm plant distance
Suitable for (row/bed widths):>25 cm row distance
Suitable for (weeds):Any
Weed sizes it detects:Any
Cameras capture weeding result:No
Cameras capture crop status:No
Usable day and night:Yes
Pricing:€126.587 ($138.709 according to the exchange rate of 05-04-2023)

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