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Manufacturer: Stout
Implement: Smart CUltivator
Weeding tools: Mechanical, 2 blades
Pricing: Unknown

The Stout Smart Cultivator is a software-defined, tractor drawn implement that uses machine vision and artificial intelligence to cultivate and weed fields using mechanical blades. The AI model recognises each weed and each plant individually. The 2 m wide version has a capacity of 0.4-0.81 ha/h traveling at 2.5 km/h. Precision seed line tracking allows for tight machine to plant spacing. It is designed to work on 1.8-2 m beds and can cover up to eight rows in a pass.

The implement has a PTO-driven hydraulic pump and no hydraulic nor electrical connections to the tractor.


Manufacturer:Stout (US)
Implement:Smart Cultivator
Weeding tools:Mechanical, 2 blades
Working width:2.0 m
Capacity (max driving speed):0.4-0.81 ha/h (2.5 km/h)
Weeds … close to plants:Unknown
Energy source:PTO
Energy consumption:Unknown
Suitable for (crops):Numerous
Suitable for (row/bed widths):1.8 – 2.0 m beds
Suitable for (weeds):Any
Weed sizes it detects:Any
Cameras capture weeding result:Unknown
Cameras capture crop status:Unknown
Usable day and night:Yes
Availability:US, UK, and more

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