Automatic tyre inflation system comes one step closer

29-10-2017 | |
Automatic tyre inflation system comes one step closer

German firm PTG has developed a contactless system for transferring information from a pressure sensor in a tractor’s rotating tyre to the static axle. Releasing air from the tire can go 4 times faster, plus it offers more possibilities.

The sensor measures the pressure inside the tyre, instead of in the airline. That is possible due to a new contactless, inductive transfer system between the turning wheel and axle.

The sensor is integrated into the PTG wheel valve and from there it is in direct contact with the tyre’s actual air pressure.

One of the system’s biggest advantages is that decreasing the air pressure is 4-times faster, according to PTG Reifendruckregelsysteme GmbH. Less control is needed, as the progress is monitored within the tyre itself. Furthermore, the air pressure is measured more precisely, and each tyre can be set individually – useful when using different tyre sizes or pressures. 

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Photo credit: PTG

Tyre inflation system

By using other sensors that monitor temperature, deflection, or geometry in the same way, a completely automatic tyre inflation system seems to be one step closer.

PTG says that when the stiffness and damping rate of the tyres are known by the tractor, future automated braking systems and other driver assistance systems can function more precisely.

Focus on core business

Manufacturer PTG focuses on its core business and know-how: air pressure inflation systems. From now on, contactless transmissions inside the rotary union are added to that core business. PTG delivers universal products, which can be implemented on every brand of vehicle. The vehicle manufacturers can use the data to implement their own smart vehicle interface in the future.

Bob Karsten Editor for TREKKER magazine