VIDEO: 13.000 hectares farmer DESPERATELY looking for UNMANNED TRACTOR

Arable farmer Gerrit Kurstjens owns a farm in New South Wales, Australia. With 13.000 hectares, he experiences some trouble finding enough employees to do all the work.

That is why a few years ago Gerrit invested in an autonomous/unmanned tractor. Sadly the company, that provided him with this tractor, was sold to John Deere. John Deere took the autonomous tractors off the market, and with that Gerrit lost the service on his tractor as well. The tractor does not work anymore, which means Gerrit has to deal with many hours back in the tractor seat.

Looking for a supplier

Gerrit and his daughter Marieke are desperately looking for an autonomous tractor that can work day and night, to make work on the farm more efficient. They have been contacting different tractor suppliers, but without any result.

In this video, Gerrit and Marieke will explain the struggle they are experiencing and tell you what they are looking for in an autonomous tractor. In this way, we hope to find a supplier that can provide the Kurstjens family with an autonomous tractor.

For more details, please read the blog written by Gerrit Kurstjens.

Tamar Haarmans Web editor