VIDEO: Retrofit kits to make your tractor autonomous

Labor shortage and climate change are, among others, problems that farmers face in present-day agriculture. Autonomous retrofit kits have been brought to the market as a relatively easy way of improving farm efficiency and decreasing labor costs.

In this video, six autonomous retrofit kits that are available for purchase are presented to you. By installing the kit, a farmer can upgrade the existing tractor to an autonomous tractor without having to make major investments.

The kits shown in this video are all part of our buyers guide, in which the systems are described in more detail. In the recently renewed guide, manufacturers like Braun, GoTrack and Sabanto show their innovative products and provide you with information on suitable brands and tractor models, isobus compatibility, driving speeds, and so on. To have access to our buyers guides, you will need a premium subscription to Future Farming. You can subscribe here.

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A message for suppliers and manufacturers of autonomous retrofit kits

Do you have a new autonomous retrofit kit system that is ready for the market? Please let us know and we will immediately include your system in our catalogue. You can also notify us of changes to specifications or prices in the systems already mentioned in the catalogue. Please contact us at

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