Bosch BASF smart farming brand is now One Smart Spray

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Bosch BASF smart farming brand is now One Smart Spray. - Photo: BASF
Bosch BASF smart farming brand is now One Smart Spray. - Photo: BASF

Bosch BASF Smart Farming, the joint venture between Bosch and BASF Digital Farming, announces its new brand name: One Smart Spray. The new brand name also applies to the product previously known as the Smart Spraying solution. The name change introduces a new logo worldwide and a new look and feel in all markets.

The launch of the new brand follows recent announcements of commercial agreements with agricultural machinery manufacturers AGCO and Dammann to integrate One Smart Spray technology into their product lines. These agreements complement the existing cooperation with Amazone and Stara.

“The One Smart Spray brand embodies our value proposition and our mission: An integrated, easy-to-use and reliable solution that makes the application of herbicides not only precise, but also intelligent”, says Jorge von Kostrisch, Global Marketing & Communications Manager of One Smart Spray . “Our goal: We take weed control to a new level by integrating precision technology, digital services and agronomic intelligence into a single solution.”

Agronomic know-how

Florian Gwosdz, co-managing director of One Smart Spray: “In 2021, Bosch BASF Smart Farming combines Bosch’s hardware, software and connectivity expertise with BASF’s digital and agronomic know-how. The technology has been tried and tested in the field, series production is ongoing and the feedback from our customers is consistently positive.”

Konstantin Kretschun, Co-Managing Director of One Smart Spray, adds: “The camera-based system developed by Bosch recognizes weeds in milliseconds and sprays precisely only where it is necessary and only as much as is required. Using the field-specific data in the xarvio Digital Farming Solutions digital platform, One Smart Spray also offers individual agronomic recommendations, intelligent sensitivity levels, high-precision agronomic maps, automatic documentation and other functions in a single solution.”

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