Case IH sprayers get pulse modulation as standard

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Case IH sprayers get pulse modulation as standard

Self-propelled sprayers built by Case IH in the US are now being equipped with the infrastructure needed to use pulse width modulation spraying technology as standard.

Case IH Patriot 4440 01-Case

Case IH Patriot

The AIM Command Flex option uses Raven’s Hawkeye PWM components for a system that compensates for changes in ground speed over a wide range, without adjusting system pressure.

That results in a consistent droplet size for predictable pesticide application and the ability to switch between two droplet size settings for optimum coverage and greater drift control, for example.

Pulse width modulation involves emitting liquid from the nozzle in short bursts rather than continuously; the volume delivered is changed by shorter or longer bursts, so the system operates at a constant pressure over a wide range of flow rates.

Standard and upgrade packages

Case IH offers two levels of AIM Command Flex – the standard system operates with up to 36 boom sections for variable width control via the AFS Pro 700 Isobus compatible display, and an upgrade package that includes a Raven Viper 4+ controller, providing individual nozzle on/off to minimise over-spraying.

Case IH Patriot 2250 01-c-Case

Case IH Patriot

The GNSS positioning data for both also compensates for the difference in speed that boom sections pass over the ground or crop during a turn to maintain the correct application rate.

Patriot AIM Command Flex

Four models of Patriot self-propelled row crop sprayers are available:

  • the 2250 with 190hp and a 2,500-litre (660-gal) capacity poly tank;
  • the 270hp 3240 with 3,000-litre (800-gal) capacity in a poly or stainless steel tank;
  • the 309hp 3340 carrying 3,780-litre (1000-gal) in a steel tank;
  • and the Patriot 4440 with 374hp and a 4,500-litre (1200-gal) product tank.

Boom size

Booms stretch from 18m to 36m (60ft to 120ft), with parallel linkage suspension, auto boom height and one-shot boom fold/unfold, which is standard on the widest size.

Case IH AIM Command Flex 01-c-Case

Case IH AIM Command Flex

All have a rear engine, mid-tank, forward control cab layout, four-wheel hydrostatic drive and passive or active trailing link suspension with hydraulic adjustment of axle track settings on all but the smallest version.

Product summary
Company: Case IH
Name: Patriot
Type: Self-propelled row-crop sprayers
Key feature: Factory-installed infrastructure for new AIM Command Flex pulse width modulation spraying system option
Peter Hill Machinery writer