Case launches dual-purpose self-propelled applicator

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Case launches dual-purpose self-propelled applicator

Fast change-over between spreading and spraying equipment and the ability to compensate for different boom speeds during curves to maintain accurate application rates are promised with the Case IH Trident 5550 self-propelled applicator, launched in North America.

Engineered from the outset as a dual-purpose machine, the Trident 5550 is also notable for being available with factory-fitted twin-row crop wheels to distribute its weight over as large a footprint as possible when working within crops such as corn, cotton and soya.

The base vehicle, which joins a Case IH portfolio of four-wheel and three-wheel “floaters” and Patriot dedicated self-propelled sprayers, is a hydrostatic four-wheel drive vehicle powered by a nose-mounted 390hp engine.

Case IH Trident 5550 - wet sprayer 01a-no-credit

Case IH Trident 5550 – wet sprayer

Load-compensating suspension featuring an air cylinder at each corner helps maintain ride quality through self-levelling and the ability to cope with wide-ranging loads and speeds, say Case IH engineers.

Axle track widths are adjustable from the cab in 13mm (0.5in) increments on the move and Case IH AMS technology can provide parallel guidance. For liquid applications, the Trident is equipped with a 5,300-litre (1,400gal) stainless steel tank and steel booms in a choice of widths, with AutoBoom height control and AccuBoom automatic GNSS-guided section on-off to minimise over-spraying.

Product summary
Company: Case IH
Name: Trident 5550
Type: Self-propelled spreader and sprayer
Key feature: 45-minute change-over between spraying and spreading; row-crop dual wheels option

Case IH Trident 5550

The new AIM Command Flex system also features to accurately regulate pressure and flow and to compensate for different boom over-the-ground speeds during curves and turns to keep to the required rate of application.

Dry spreading of fertilisers and micronutrients is provided by a 9.34cu m (330cu ft) New Leader NL4500T G4 Edge spreading body with twin hydraulic-drive disc distribution and variable rate application capability.

Case IH Trident 5550 - NL dry spreader 01-no-credit

Case IH Trident 5550 – dry spreader

MultApplier and MultiBin divided hopper options enable two or up to four products to be applied simultaneously as fixed or variable rates.

Case IH says the aerial lift design of the applicator mounting system has enabled the sprayer and spreader units to be swapped in less than 45 minutes using a telescopic handler.

Peter Hill Machinery writer