2022 top 5: Best read articles about drones

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2022 top 5: Best read articles about drones

Drones are increasingly being used to provide pesticides, nutrients, seeds, and other inputs from the air. The drones can help monitor crop growth and yield optimization and have many other applications. Most have multiple-litre tank capacity and some can even fly autonomously.

This week, coming up to the end of 2022, we look back at the content we have shared over the year. In the coming days, you will find the top 5 listings of the best-read articles on field robots, drones, spraying and autonomy.

Visit our drone dossier page to find out more about drone farming, which drones are under development or for sale and experiences in farming practice.

Below we list our 5 best-read articles about drones.

XAG goes global with its P100 agricultural drone

Chinese drone manufacturer XAG makes its P100 agricultural drone available for sales globally. The fully autonomous drone can be used for crop spraying, fertiliser spreading and broadcasting seeds. Read more…

Automated drones scare birds off agricultural fields

A Washington State University research team has developed a system where cameras could spot pest birds in vineyards or orchards and launch drones to drive off the birds, then return to watch for the next invading flock. Read more…

VIDEO: 5 exceptional farming drones for sale

Drones are increasingly capable of performing more and more tasks in the field. Farmers are currently presented with an impressive range. Future Farming provides you with a new drone buyers guide every year. In this video 5 of those impressive drones are shown. Go to the video…

Spraying drones help cassava growers in Cambodia increase yield

Drone spraying technology has been recently introduced in Cambodia’s cassava cultivations to help small-scale farmers improve yield while bringing down the costs of farm inputs. Read more…

German vineyards prevent soil compaction by spraying with a drone

Wine estates Heitlinger and Burg Ravensburg in Germany are currently spraying with a drone to protect their vines and grapes. This allows them to spray at any time and prevent soil compaction. Read more…

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