Drone swarm is already a reality in Brazil

06-06-2023 | |
Spraying with the EA-30X-Pro. - Photo's: Eavision
Spraying with the EA-30X-Pro. - Photo's: Eavision

If spraying with a single drone is a solution for thousands of producers, imagine with a swarm of them. Well, you don´t need to imagine because this became a reality for the EA-30X-Pro, presented in Brazil by the Chinese company Eavision.

Yes, the model is capable of operating in a set of up to three devices with a single operator. For those who follow this market, swarming drone operations was an announced trend, however, had not reached the market yet, at least in Brazil.

The main advantage is a larger area coverage, with the same level of precision, economy, and easy operation as conventional drones, that is the main advantages of this kind of equipment.

Just one operator can drive a set of three drones at the same time

The triple set of devices multiplies by three the covering capacity of 22.5 hectares per hour of a single drone, reaching more than 60 hectares sprayed in just one hour.

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Bat sensors.
Bat sensors.

‘Bat sensors’

The EA-30X-PRO has other important upgrades, such as sensors and radar systems for obstacle avoidance, precision, and operability, which increases flight safety and application efficiency. The capacity of each vehicle is 30 liters of syrup.

“It is a faster decision-making device, which guarantees more effective avoidance of obstacles and operation for all types of terrain. These sensors work like bats”, said Fabrício Zavalo, technical representative of Eavision in Brazil.

The tool also features stable image First Person View (FPV) systems, as well as night navigation and distribution sets that ensure stable and continuous operations in high temperature and humidity conditions.

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Distributing fertilizers

The new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is also capable of distributing fertilizers without risk of clogging, either with granules or pesticide mixtures, with a precision of 10 cm, which drastically reduces the occurrence of failures and contamination of the environment.

The EA-30X PRO has an intelligent battery that provides 8 to 12 minutes of flight and can be quickly charged in up to 10 minutes.

No damage on the crop

The Eavision novelty manages to avoid kneading 4% to 7% of the crop and does not generate soil compaction in crops such as corn, soy, coffee, and sugar cane.

The tool operates with the Real Time Kinematic (RTK), a real-time positioning corrector, which works with three constellations (GPS, Glonass, and Beidou), using 36 to 39 satellites.

The model weighs 67 kg and can reach up to 36 km/hour. According to the company, the EA-30X PRO is the only one in the market that can fly just 70 cm above the target, while other competitors need 1.5 m at least.

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Swarm of drones
Swarm of drones

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Daniel Azevedo Freelance correspondent in Brazil