Field Trials Podcast – Building more accurate analysis tools | Part 2

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Field Trials Podcast – Building more accurate analysis tools | Part 2

A conversation with Mike Winn, CEO of DroneDeploy

Continuing the conversation with Mike where we left off. In part 2 of this Field Trials episode, Mike tells us more about his company and the future of drone and data use.

Click here to listen to part 1 of this Field Trials episode.

“Very early on we made the bet as a company that drone hardware would commoditize. It would be great for taking photos, people could fly with the sticks, but really to make them into business tools someone needed to make a mobile app that could tell a drone what to do, to cover and area, to capture data, and to analyze that data and get it shared,” says Winn.

“The difference of where we started and where we ended up is just the specificity in the tools we provide.”

Citing a reference heard elsewhere, Winn links drones and machine learning software to the suit augmentations of Iron Man, rather than the dystopian visions of Terminator. The ability to see and analyze in great detail quickly, have given drone technologies a major boost as an extension of overall agronomy.

Interested in hearing more about drones – opportunities, limitations, and emerging developments? Listen to part 2 of the interview below. Also make sure to visit our Youtube channel for part 1 of the interview with Mike Winn and for more Field Trials content.

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