Field Trials Podcast – Building more accurate analysis tools

27-05-2022 | |
Photo: DroneDeploy
Photo: DroneDeploy

A conversation with Mike Winn, CEO of DroneDeploy.

Machine learning and flying robots can combine to make some pretty effective field tools. For the people behind analysis software company DroneDeploy, accuracy and speed of analysis continue to be the frontier.

In part 1 of the latest episode of Future Farming’s Field Trials podcast features Mike Winn, the company’s chief executive officer and co-founder, discussing where he and his colleagues have made strides in drone-based agronomy, as well as lessons revealed over DroneDeploy’s nine plus years in business.

A crop stand count feature, developed in partnership with Corteva, is the company’s latest analysis tool.

Designed to cover large fields in great detail and with rapid by-the-second updates, Winn says it an example of where specificity of software has proven to be more valuable than the technology employed for the physical hardware required to

Interested in hearing more about drones – opportunities, limitations, and emerging developments? Listen to part 1 of the interview below and make sure to visit our Youtube channel for more Field Trials content.

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