Sentera launches thermal drone sensor for agriculture

04-10-2021 | |
Sentera's 6X Thermal connected to a light sensor. - Photo: Sentera
Sentera's 6X Thermal connected to a light sensor. - Photo: Sentera

The new Sentera 6X Thermal provides users with dynamic infrared imagery, enabling them to take their field research and analysis further.

Sentera’s 6X Thermal sensor for drones is a variaton of the company’s 6X sensor. The 6X Thermal is a multispectral sensor equipped with dynamic infrared imagery.

“We know that our customers are tackling some of the most complex issues in agriculture,” said Ryan Nelson, Director of Product Management at Sentera. “We designed the 6X Thermal to meet the most advanced requirements and help our customers achieve their project goals.”

Advanced field insights

6X Thermal is to allow growers to efficiently access the most advanced field insights. Sentera says their new sensor is fully configurable to fit a grower’s needs if he or she has already identified wavelengths specific to research goals.

The sensor features a 320 x 256 resolution longwave infrared thermal camera, four precision-filtered 3.2MP global-shutter imagers, and one 20.1 MP RGB imager, each with a dedicated, high-quality optical path. The 6X Thermal costs $ 9,899.

Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming
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