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Bulgaria is one of the first countries in the EU to regulate the use of spraying drones in agriculture. - Photo: Ronald Hissink
Bulgaria is one of the first countries in the EU to regulate the use of spraying drones in agriculture. - Photo: Ronald Hissink

Are you in the business of agriculture drone/UAV manufacturing or conversion? Do you want to reach Future Farming’s vast global farming audience and showcase your products? We have an exciting opportunity for you!

The use of drones/UAVs for aerial applications is gaining significant interest and momentum in the agricultural industry. More and more countries are officially permitting the spraying of crop protection products via legislation, and at the same time, spraying drones are becoming more professional, larger, and easier to operate. Farmers are increasingly discovering the benefits of sowing and spraying with drones. Our Ag-drone buying guide provides an unparalleled platform for you to attract potential buyers by providing them with comprehensive details about your products.

To take advantage of this incredible FREE opportunity, all you need to do is complete a simple specification sheet and answer a few technical questions. Please include high-resolution images of your drones as well. We will handle the rest.

Focus on application drones

Our focus in this catalogue is solely on Application Drones. We are specifically interested in drones that are currently available for sale. However, if you are working on a promising application drone that is not yet on the market, we want to hear about it too. We aim to highlight new concepts and innovations in our publication.

We are seeking models that excel in spraying, applying fertilizers, distributing nutrients, and seeding. Whether your drones are purpose-built for liquid or solid applications, or if you have successfully converted existing drones for this purpose, we want to feature them in our catalogue.

Don’t miss out!

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to showcase your application drones. If you are an application drone manufacturer or specialize in converting drones for spraying or spreading, contact us directly via the email address below. We will provide you with the necessary details to ensure your product is included in our exclusive catalogue. Please respond before June 12th, 2024, to secure your spot.

Email: futurefarming@misset.com

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