Titan Machinery Ukraine now dealer of XAG spraying drones

21-02-2022 | |
Photo: DroneUA
Photo: DroneUA

Titan Machinery Ukraine, a globally active agricultural machinery and farming solutions company, forms a partnership with XAG, the chinese producer of (spraying) drones. An official dealer contract was recently signed, the latest 2022-model spraying drones are to be delivered imminently.

According to Valerii Yakovenko, DroneUА co-founder and the exclusive XAG importer in Ukraine, in 2021 Ukraine became a world leader in XAG spraying drone implementation. The brand first appeared in the domestic market at the beginning of 2021 gaining a market share of 60% at a record pace.

Drone spraying market in Ukraine to grow rapidly

In the coming 4 to 5 years, the market is expected to grow up to 500% per annum, Yakovenko said. Alongside spraying drones, the innovative solutions ecosystem will expand to other related industries: weather stations, ground robotics, software solutions for agriculture operations and more.

Yakovenko states the XAG and Titan Machinery Ukraine partnership is a sign for the entire market that drones are no longer toys, but a competitive technology chosen by leading players in the agricultural machinery market. “A spraying drone is a solid and reliable tool that every Ukrainian farmer needs. DroneUA are proud of being a part of Titan Machinery Ukraine product projects alongside XAG.”

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XAG spraying drone operating in Ukraine. - Photo: DroneUA
XAG spraying drone operating in Ukraine. - Photo: DroneUA

Titan Machinery Ukraine will reinforce its regional branches and service centres with drone maintenance engineers during the seasonal work period. The company has been providing a series of professional training for certified drone operators and engineering department experts.

Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming
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