VIDEO: Agricultural drones that you can buy!

25-02-2022 | |

This week’s video is part 2 of our drone catalogue series, showing the farming drones that are currently for sale on the agricultural market.

Farming drones are developed to support farmers in efficiency and labour hours. Drones can be useful in distributing pesticides, nutrients, seeds, and other inputs to crops from the air. Next to that, they can be used in yield optimization, crop growth monitoring, and many other applications.

Buyer’s guide

The 6 drones shown in this video belong to our drone buyers guide, which was released in 2021. The buyer’s guide gives an overview of the (11) agricultural drones that are currently available for purchase, with many specifications like max payload capacity, flight time, and price. Some drones you can expect to see in this second video are the Volocopter VoloDrone, XAG XPlanet drone, and Hylio AG-116. To have access to our buyer’s guides, you will need a premium subscription to Future Farming. You can subscribe here.

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A message for suppliers and manufacturers of drones

Do you have a new drone that is ready for the market? Please let us know and we will include your system in our updated catalogue. You can also notify us of changes to specifications or prices in the systems already mentioned in the catalogue. Please contact us at

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