VIDEO: Autonomous plant-specific spraying with Robotti

VIDEO: Autonomous plant-specific spraying with Robotti
Photo: Koos Groenewold

Wageningen researchers are developing a spot sprayer to combat, for example, volunteer potatoes in onions and beets. This in collaboration with a Robotti 150D field robot. Tests show that the spraying system needs to be even more robust.

During the Dutch Future Farming & Food Experience on the 31st of May in Lelystad (the Netherlands) twelve field robots and implements for precision hoeing showed what they are capable of. One of those combinations was the Robotti with a spot sprayer implement. The Robotti 150D is part of our field robot catalogue, which can be found here.

The WUR spot sprayer is a test system that consists of a closed hood with four cameras combined with LED lighting and a laptop that processes the images (one photo every 0.05 seconds. The laptop then sends a command to the spray unit with nozzles at a distance of 10 cm with electric valves that can be turned on and off (section control). A deep learning algorithm runs on the laptop that is trained to recognize individual beet and potato plants and sends the position of the potato plants to the sprayer. The WUR spot sprayer is being tested in combination with the Danish Robotti field robot.

Watch the video below to see the combination get to work.

Geert Hekkert Chief editor of Future Farming
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