geo-konzept distributes Robotti field robot in Germany

01-12-2021 | |
Robotti field robot sowing maize. - Photo: AgroIntelli
Robotti field robot sowing maize. - Photo: AgroIntelli

Agrointelli’s field robot, Robotti, will be from now on available to German customers with full support and service.

Agrointelli and geo-konzept have announced a partnership which will extend the accessibility of robotic technology in Germany. geo-konzept focuses on GPS-based steering systems, RTK-correction signals and sensor technology. The company offers solutions such as parallel guidance, steering assistance, laser-based 2D and 3D survey systems, mobile GIS solutions and more. Now, Robotti is one of those solutions.

Demonstration field

In 2021, Agrointelli expanded its activities in Germany with establishment of an office and demonstration field in southwest part of the country, in Baden-Württemberg state. “Our division is placed in a strategic position, making it much easier to support Robotti’s distributors and activities around Europe,” says Anna Sprinzl, Agrointelli’s Sales Manager in Germany. “However, it is not until now that we’re going to be a stronger player on the German market. Having a German distributor, strengthens Robotti’s accessibility and credibility to the customers.

Demo robot

geo-konzept covers the entire German market with its activities. In order to show the advantages and all possibilities of Robotti in agriculture, research and horticulture, a demo robot will be available at geo-konzept.

Earlier this year, Agrointelli announced it is working together with French company Euromagri to launch the autonomous field robot Robotti in France.

Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming
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