Help complete our robot and autonomous tractor catalogue

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Help complete our robot and autonomous tractor catalogue

Future Farming is on a quest to update and complete its catalogues and buyers guides of field and harvest robots and autonomous tractors for 2022. Do you manufacture or know any of these robots? Then let us know before 22 October.

Last year, we compiled the world’s first robot catalogue with over 35 field and harvest robots available to buy, lease or hire in 2021. It resulted in an extensive buyers guide with valuable and useful information on amongst others the work capable of doing with the robots, their technologies and their pricing. We are now updating and expanding our catalogue and call on you to help us!

Different categories

As the number of commercially available robots for open field crop production is rapidly increasing, we plan to divide the robots available in 2022 into different categories:

  • Specialised robots intended to perform a single task/job such as crop or field scouting, weed removal or spraying
  • Multipurpose robots that can perform multiple tasks and jobs such as carry different implements
  • Harvest robots that can harvest outdoor crops autonomously (we don’t intend to include indoor/greenhouse harvest robots)
  • Factory built robot tractors that resemble current day tractors and that can still be driven as a common tractor by a driver

Already in? Update us!

Is your robot already in one of our robot buyers guides or catalogues? Then please update us on the number of units on the market, updated specifications and latest pricing. Existing participants will be approached separately as well by the Future Farming editorial staff.

Contact us before 22 October on

From concept to commercial product

Not included in our robot buyers guides or catalogues yet and you believe you have an eligible robot? Or, was your robotic concept part of the Best Field Robot Concept Award 2020 contest from FIRA and Future Farming and is your concept now commercially available to farmers? Does it qualify for any of the categories mentioned above? Then please contact us before 22 October on We will then send you an e-mail with details about the specific information we would like to have of your robot(s).

The robot catalogue will be published online as well as in the special print edition of Future Farming magazine that will be released mid-December.

Watch 15 agricultural field robots, from our field robot catalogue, at work in the video below!

René Koerhuis Precision Farming Specialist