VIDEO: 15 field robots of the future!

09-09-2021 | |

Our latest Youtube video shows 15 field robots that are currently availabe, including prices.

The demand for inventions that help with more convenient and efficient farming is growing. Inventors and factories are responding to this by developing autonomous machines. One of these developments is the field robot, a work-relieving robot that can help mow, sow, fertilise and control weeds, among other things.

Field robots catalogue

Earlier this year Future Farming came out with the first global autonomous field robots catalogue which contains the latest models of 2021. This catalogue consists of information on more than 30 field robots, all explained by their manufacturers. The catalogue gives you an overview of field and harvest robots that are for sale or lease, including many specifications.

15 field robots of the future

Fifteen of these robots can now be seen in our latest Youtube video: 15 Field robots of the future! The video shows footage as well as price, making it easier to compare the robots with each other. Some robots you can expect to see in the video; The AgXeed track-based multi-utility agbot, the Ecorobotix Avo autonomous spraying robot, the Naïo Dino mechanical weeding and cultivation robot, and many more.

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