VIDEO: 15 impressive farming robots | Part 2

15-10-2021 | |

Now online: part 2 of our field robot catalogue series. Watch how 15 farming robots perform agricultural work in our latest video.

Field robots have been a hot topic in the farming world for a little while now. Many researchers and manufacturers of agricultural machines are investing time and money in development of these robots. The demand for a robot that can help mow, sow, fertilise and control weeds, among other things, is clearly growing.

Field robots catalogue

Earlier this year Future Farming came out with the first global autonomous field robots catalogue which contains the latest models of 2021. This catalogue consists of information on more than 30 field robots, all explained by their manufacturers. The catalogue gives you an overview of field and harvest robots that are for sale or lease, including many specifications.

15 work-relieving farming robots

This Youtube video shows 15 of the 30+ field robots from our catalogue. The video is meant for easy comparison and to learn more about the robots available on the market. Some robots you can expect to see in the video; The H2Trac EOX-175 fully electrical autonomous tractor, the fully electric driver-optional smart Monarch Tractor, the Agrobot Bug Vacuum robot for lygus pest control, and many more.

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A message for suppliers and manufacturers of robots

Future Farming is on a quest to update and complete its catalogues and buyers guides of field and harvest robots and autonomous tractors for 2022. Do you manufacture or know any of these robots? Then let us know before 22 October. You can also notify us of changes to specifications or prices in the robots already mentioned in the catalogue. Please contact us at

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