VIDEO: Autonomous haulm topper missing automatic depth control

10-12-2021 | |

In a collaboration between machine manufacturer DeWulf and Robotti manufacturer AgroIntelli a 2-row haulm topper of an autonomous potato harvester was converted to fit onto the Robotti 150D.

AgroIntelli and DeWulf both are aware of the current agriculture trend; problems in the field around soil compaction and finding workers, among other things. Therefore, the manufacturers decided to team up.

The combination was presented during the NPPL and Farm of the Future field robot day but was unfortunately not ready for a demo. NPPL is the Dutch Fieldlab for Precision Farming, in which researchers from Wageningen University and farmers work together on new agricultural techniques.

In last week’s video Anna Sprinzl explained about the possibilities of the Robotti 150D. In this video Melle van der molen, product manager for planting and storage machines at DeWulf, elaborates on the Robotti haulm topper combination and explains why it is not ready for action just yet.

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Tamar Haarmans Web editor
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