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22-09-2022 | |
Photo: Michel Velderman
Photo: Michel Velderman

After the e-Robotiller from arable innovation group HWodKa and manufacturer Reedyk made a short-lived debut on May 19, the autonomous tillage vehicle was seen in public action during the Dutch Future Farming & Food Experience. The e-Robotiller is designed for seedbed preparation, stubble cultivation and the sowing and incorporation of green manures.

The 125 kg fuel cell of a Hyundai Nexo passenger car delivers 180 kW peak power via the batteries, 90 kW continuously and an added 45 kW during an operation with the six cage rollers at 10 km/h. A design requirement of HWodKa was that the e-Robotiller must be able to stay ahead of a 3 meter wide potato planter and a 6 meter wide beet seeder during seedbed preparation. With 6 gas bottles, each containing 50 liters (1 kilo) of hydrogen gas at 200 bar, you can work for 3 hours at 45 kW and 1.5 hours at 90 kW. After that, the bottles have to be refilled. A process that should also be fully autonomous in the future.

The Future Farming & Food Experience is an initiative of NPPL and Farm of the Future. NPPL is a Dutch organization that helps and supports farmers to apply precision techniques on their farms.

Watch the video below to see the e-Robotiller in action.

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