Horsch autonomous tool carrier plants first corn

04-05-2021 | |
Photo: Still from video
Photo: Still from video

Horsch’s autonomous tool carrier has planted its first hectares of corn. Since the end of last month, the German manufacturer’s autonomous machine has been at work in the field. In addition, Horsch reports that they will put two more autonomous concepts into operation this year.

Horsch CEO Philip Horsch shared images of the first acres of the autonomous tool carrier on social media. “The Robo works well, it plants autonomously, turns on the headland etc…. ”, writes Philip Horsch accompanying the video he posted on Twitter.

“Everything is going pretty well. The safety regulations are still too strict for fully autonomous use. So at the moment one person has to stay on the field within a distance of 600 meters to watch.”

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Two more autonomous concepts

In addition to the images of the so-called Robo at work, Horsch reports that two more autonomous concepts will follow by the end of the year. “Our approach is to get three completely different systems/machine sizes into the field as quickly as possible and learn quickly by using them,” he says.

German manufacturer Horsch previously showed a small preview of the autonomous tool carrier in a video. “She drives!” it said with the posted video. This appears to be a first prototype of the model that the manufacturer has already filed for patent in 2019. According to Horsch, working with the autonomous machine is “much more fun than sitting in a boring cab.”