Improve combine yield accuracy with John Deere option

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Improve combine yield accuracy with John Deere option

More accurate yield maps are being promised with John Deere’s combine Active Yield option, which offers operators a more rapid initial calibration and repeated recalibration checks during its operation.

The system comprises three circular plate load cells mounted in a triangular pattern in the grain tank beneath the discharge point of the clean grain auger.

John Deere S700 017-c-PH

John Deere S700

They measure 3t batches of the grain “cone”, provided there is an even flow of crop and the cone remains stable – any shift caused by moving on to a slope or the combine stopping abruptly will cause that measurement to be rejected.

Valid measurements are compared against weight calculations based on readings from the mass flow and grain moisture sensors fitted to the combine as standard and the true weight calculation recalibrated as necessary.

John Deere recommends recalibrating from scratch at least for each crop type. When opening up a field, operators can take five 3t weighings and empty the tank each time to get the mass flow/moisture-based system calibrated most accurately in the shortest time, or can simply accumulate the required weighings by combining normally.

Active Yield

Either method is quicker than the current calibration procedure, which requires taking at least one trailer load over a weighbridge to provide a calibration check weight; and the new system provides repeated checks as combining continues.

Active Yield can be installed on S600 combines from model year 2012 onwards, and when this option is taken on the new S700 combines it is operated through the new GreenStar 4600 display.

John Deere S700 007-c-PH

Taken as an option on new S700 Series combines, the Active Weigh calibration system is operated and monitored through the new GreenStar 4600 display, which has touch and swipe-screen functions and a layout that can be customised.

This permanently installed separate processor and armrest-mounted display replaces the portable GreenStar 2600 terminal used on earlier models and works like a mobile device with screen touch and swipe functions to move between pages.

On-screen shortcuts are duplicated on a button bar beneath the display and programmable automated feed selection (for example, when the tank is three-quarters full) can be set up for the four remote cameras.

Product summary

Company: John Deere
Name: Active Yield
Type: Mass flow/moisture sensor calibration system
Key feature: Weigh pads provide rapid and ongoing calibration of the on-board weight calculation system for more accurate yield data

Peter Hill Machinery writer