John Deere introduces new GPS antenna

22-03-2022 | |
Photo: John Deere
Photo: John Deere

John Deere is introducing a new GPS antenna, the StarFire 7000. According to the manufacturer, it makes it easier to achieve RTK accuracy (± 2.5 cm) without the need for additional hardware.

For many farmers, RTK accuracy is still an expensive proposition, according to John Deere. With the new StarFire 7000 antenna, this would become much more accessible to users, as this antenna uses a new correction signal: StarFire RTK. To activate the correction signal, only a paid license is necessary.

3 satellite networks

Like the previous versions of the StarFire, this antenna works with the SF1 correction signal by default. The StarFire 7000 receiver works with signals from both the European Galileo, Chinese BeiDou and Russian Glonass networks. This also contributes to the accuracy of the positioning. The signal is therefore less obstructed by trees or buildings.

Available next year

The new antenna is available factory assembled, but also as a separate unit for later installation. Before harvest 2023, the StarFire 7000 will be available for American X Series combines. For retrofitting, the antenna will be available in winter 2022-23.

The antenna can be thought of as a replacement for the earlier StarFire 6000. It also communicates with Deere’s older tractors and machines. To discourage theft, the antenna is equipped with a pin code that can be programmed to two user levels.

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