John Deere revamps plumbing on European self-propelled sprayer

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John Deere revamps plumbing on European self-propelled sprayer

A plumbing system with half the moving parts and less residual capacity than a conventional sprayer system now features on both European versions of John Deere’s self-propelled sprayer.

The PowrSpray system also gives the operator more time to introduce crop protection chemicals through the induction hopper thanks to an automated break in the tank filling process.


European versions of the John Deere R40-series self-propelled sprayers feature a hydrostatic transmission with auto range shifting, individual traction control for each wheel and cruise control. Photo credit: John Deere

These and other new features are evident on the 4,000-litre (890-gal) 4040i and 5,000-litre (1,100-gal) 4050i sprayers, which share the same drivetrain featuring wheel motors with stepless speed control now that manual range shifts have been eliminated.

John Deere claims individual control of each wheel motor improves traction and hill-climbing performance, an anti-stall system automatically reduces ground speed while keeping the engine at its maximum power setting, and cruise control enables the operator to quickly reselect field and transport speeds.

The PowrSpray system has a dual-circuit layout and two centrifugal pumps optimised for different roles.


Real-time records accumulated by the GreenStar 2630 terminal can be uploaded via wireless data transfer or a USB memory device. Photo credit: John Deere

John Deere’s PowrSpray system

A 1,200-litre/min (317-gal/min) pump provides speedy filling at low engine revs to save fuel and can power fill the 400-litre (10-gal) clean water tank, which means the chemical induction water supply can be maintained while the Active Pause function interrupts the flow to the tank as the operator continues to add chemicals for the next load.

In operation, a 750- or 1,000-litre/min (19-8 or 264-gal/min) pump charges the spraying system, which has combined pressure and flow-based rate control, with the pump rapidly responding to changes in ground speed or application rate – so there is no need for conventional pressure regulators.


A new touch-pad and display at the filling station is used to set up the plumbing for different functions. Photo: John Deere

A new waterproof keypad and digital display at the sprayer’s operator station provides control over the automated fill shut-off, agitation and other functions.

Both self-propelled sprayers can be equipped with steel or King Agro carbon fibre booms, both of which are also available on Deere’s four-model 2,300 to 4,500-litre (600 to 1,200 gal) self-propelled sprayers produced in the United States.

The 36m boom is said to cut 800kg (1,760lb) off the overall weight of the sprayer.

John Deere Tank Fill calculator 01

A tank fill calculator works out how much water and chemical is needed once the field size, application rate and product details have been entered, so errors and waste should be eliminated. Photo credit: John Deere


Product summary
Company: John Deere
Name: R40 Series
Type: European market self-propelled sprayers
Key feature: Dual-circuit, dual pump PowrSpray system has automated filling features, reduced residue volume and fewer moving parts
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