Kubota launches auto-steering for small tractors and UTVs

25-04-2017 | |
Kubota launches auto-steering for small tractors and UTVs

Auto-steering guidance for small and compact tractors and all-terrain utility vehicles will be available in the United States for Kubota tractors, through an alliance with Smart-Path Systems.

Todd Stucke, senior vice-president at Kubota Tractor Corporation in Grapevine, Texas, says making Smart-Path auto-steering guidance available on M, L and B-series tractors – predominantly used in horticulture – will be a first in their market segment.

Steering accuracy of around 2cm (less than 1in) is claimed for the autonomous system, thanks to a dual GPS antenna. Visuals are provided through an Android tablet interface and live satellite map feeds, accessed through a web portal management system.



Consistency and increased work-rate

Users can assign, track, and manage their operators and equipment fleet from the website. While on the ground, farmers have the option of recording their own path or taking predetermined paths created in the web portal.

Applications requiring precision bout matching or support for an inexperienced operator will benefit from the system, say Kubota and Smart-Path. It should provide consistency, increased work-rate and less fatigued employees.

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Peter Hill Machinery writer