Kverneland increases output of its Exacta spreaders

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Kverneland increases output of its Exacta spreaders

Wider working widths and faster working speeds are promised by a new addition to the Kverneland Exacta range of dry fertiliser broadcasters.

Now heading the line-up of tractor-mounted spreaders, the Exacta TLX GEOspread comes in hopper sizes from 1,875 litres to 3,900 litres and is capable of spreading fertilisers at widths from 24m to 40m – subject to the characteristics of the material.


Exacta TLX GEOspread

CentreFlow distribution system

The key to the increased output potential of the Exacta TLX is a significantly larger CentreFlow distribution system, which allows the maximum flow rate of fertiliser to be increased from the 320kg/minute of Kverneland’s existing Exacta spreaders to the 540kg/minute rate of the TLX.

This means maximum flow rate can be achieved at 16kph when spreading 40m wide; and higher speeds are possible (subject to ground conditions) when spreading to narrower widths.


Exacta TLX GEOspread

Kverneland Exacta TLX GEOspread

Unlike spreaders that feed fertiliser by belt or gravity directly in front of the fast rotating blades on the spinning discs, the Exacta’s CentreFlow system has a bowl after the metering outlet in which the material can accelerate to pretty much the same speed as the vanes before it falls to the discs. The result of that, says Kverneland, is minimal impact and a reduced risk of the prills or granules breaking up.


Exacta TLX GEOspread

Like other GEOspread models in the range, the Exacta TLX has power-adjusted settings and automated control through an Isobus terminal, and with a GNSS connection providing auto on/off control at headlands and section control to minimise overapplication to angled headlands and elsewhere that swaths converge.

Product summary

Company: Kverneland
Name: Exacta TLX GEOspread
Type: Dry fertiliser spreader
Key feature: Increased flow rate permits faster working speeds at wide spreading widths
More info: www.kverneland.com

Peter Hill Machinery writer