Lindsay smart pivot is crop and machine health guardian

18-11-2020 | |
Photo: Lindsay
Photo: Lindsay

Lindsay launches the so-called smart pivot. By combining advanced agronomy with predictive machine diagnostics, Lindsay’s smart pivot detects crop health issues and optimises irrigation at scale. Advanced machine monitoring identifies wear and alerts dealer service technicians.

Lindsay’s smart pivot works with two smart streams – FieldNET advanced agronomics and Zimmatic machine health. Lindsay says it is designed to support healthier crops and more sustainable farming practices while reducing risk and operational downtime, significantly expanding what the traditional pivot is capable of. Several of the smart pivot features are the outcome of collaboration and joint development with strategic partners, including Taranis.

FieldNET Advanced Agronomics

The smart pivot uses sensors, high-resolution imagery and advanced algorithms to improve crop health – both above and below the crop canopy – with features including:

  • Automatic detection of leaf-level health issues, powered by Taranis, such as nutrient deficiencies, pressure from disease and pests and the ability to auto-detect and accurately revise crop growth stages and stand counts remotely.
  • Next-level efficiency with enhanced irrigation scheduling capabilities, deriving insights from high-resolution imagery and on-pivot sensors.
  • Ability to optimise irrigation at scale to each unique farm, based on operational objectives, with priorities focused on conserving water and energy, boosting yield production and eliminating diminishing marginal returns.
  • Zimmatic Operational Support and Machine Health

Lindsay is also introducing machine health capabilities that include:

  • Advanced machine monitoring at the component level (i.e., tire pressure, gearboxes and motors), using predictive analytics and remote diagnostics to identify performance anomalies that could indicate wear or potential risk of failure.
  • Remote connectivity between the pivot and dealer service technicians to enable automatic notifications and service scheduling that will significantly help reduce downtime, lower operating costs and improve reliability.
  • Broader detection and reporting of application issues such as ponding, plugged sprinklers and poor spray patterns to drive greater uniformity and precision.
  • Support for growers in evaluating and continuously improving the sustainability and profitability of their operations with real-time, running savings calculators that show water, energy and time saved over the course of the season.

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Lindsay smart pivot is self-aware robot in the field

“The smart pivot introduces the next era of mechanised irrigation,” said Gustavo Oberto, president of irrigation at Lindsay. “It delivers never-before-seen insights and efficiency to a grower’s operation, changing the way they – and the industry – look at and use center pivots.”

Oberto described the smart pivot as a “self-aware, always-there robot in the field, capable of at-scale crop health management, and ground-breaking machine health features. The smart pivot virtually takes care of itself – and your crops,” he said.

Taranis precision scouting partnership

Taranis brings its precision scouting solution to this partnership, allowing the smart pivot to pinpoint challenges across the entire field for focused management. It empowers growers to make more informed, timely replant, crop nutrition and protection decisions that optimise yields.

“Our precision scouting platform captures comprehensive intel from the field and delivers easy-to-digest insights for Lindsay’s smart pivot,” said Ofir Schlam, CEO and Founder of Taranis.

Field testing

Smart pivot features are in development now. Field testing is underway, and a limited commercial offering will begin in the spring of 2021 in North America, with a broader market release expected in spring 2022.

Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming