Monosem rolls out electric metering across its planter range

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Monosem rolls out electric metering across its planter range

Precision planter specialist Monosem has extended the use of electric drives across its range of machines for both fertiliser placement and seed metering.

As well as being low maintenance and more compact than mechanical drives, using electric power makes it possible to vary seed rate across the field according to soil types and/or seed-bed quality, or within individual rows to compensate for plants lost to tramlines.

In addition, working width can be manipulated one row at a time to prevent double-seeding at headlands and where passes converge.

Monosem - Front fertiliser hopper Duo 01-c-Monosem

Front fertiliser hopper Duo. Photo credit: Monosem

Monosem-branded Touch and Touch Mini

All the electric drive solutions can be operated through an Isobus terminal in the tractor, including the Monosem-branded Touch and Touch Mini, which have 12in and 8in displays respectively, a USB port for data transfer, and Task Manager – section control software for regulating the working width of the planters.

Last year, Monosem introduced electrically driven seed metering units on the Monoshox NG Plus ME high-speed double-disc planter and Meca V4E pelleted seed coulter drill, and now offers this option on the standard NG Plus 4 and the Monoshox NX M heavy-duty double-disc precision planter designed for precision sowing with minimal pre-cultivation.

Monosem NG Plus ME 01a-c-Monosem

NG Plus ME. Photo credit: Monosem

Meterings units

Each metering unit has an electric motor driving the selection mechanism via a notched belt – a maintenance-free transmission that takes up less space than a mechanical drive, points out Monosem.

On planters with more than 6 units, the power supply is provided by a tractor pto-driven generator, with a battery ensuring a consistent supply regardless of pto speed.

Monosem - electric drive unit 01-c-Monosem

Electric drive unit. Photo credit: Monosem

Electric metering drive has also been introduced on the Monosem Standard and Duo front-mounted fertiliser hoppers and on MicroDrive VE Microsem micro granule applicators, which also have improved corrosion resistance, thanks to using plastic for the hopper and stainless steel for the auger that supplies the dosing wheel.

Product summary
Company: Ribouleau Monosem
Name: Electric Drives
Type: Electrically driven seed and fertiliser metering mechanisms
Key feature: Manipulate sowing width, seed rate and fertiliser rate on the move
More info: Monosem

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