New joystick makes implement operation easier

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New joystick makes implement operation easier

A new Isobus-compliant joystick designed to provide more intuitive operation of certain machine functions has been added to the Müller-Elektronik range.

The Isobus-Joystick Pro is a true joystick in the sense that it can be moved in four directions, whereas the standard model is fixed and relies on selector and function buttons to provide on/off operation of different features.

The non-Pro model has the advantage of being shaped to support an operator’s hand and sufficient function buttons – 8 plus a side-mounted selector switch giving capacity to control 24 functions in all – to handle complex machinery such as crop sprayers.

But while the new Isobus-Joystick Pro can manage up to 18 functions using 9 buttons and a toggle switch, the proportional response in 2 axes available from manipulating the device is better suited to functions such as adjusting the swing out filling pipe of a trailed or self-propelled slurry tanker.

Müller Elektronik ISOBUS Joystick Pro

Müller Elektronik ISOBUS Joystick Pro

Müller Elektronik ISOBUS Joystick Pro

Müller-Elektronik says the Pro model provides rapid access to the functions of an implement-mounted Isobus job computer with the AUX-N auxiliary controller protocol.

Installation requires a “Y” cable with circular plastic connector couplings to connect an Isobus display to the basic vehicle harness.

Product summary
Company:            Müller-Elektronik
Name:                    Isobus-Joystick Pro
Type:                     Joystick controller
Key feature:         Proportional control through 2 axes, next to on/off control
More info:            Müller-Elektronik

Peter Hill Machinery writer