New tractor terminal gives John Deere drivers more on-screen help

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New tractor terminal gives John Deere drivers more on-screen help

Improved data collection, increased application functionality and greater choice for monitoring and managing field operations is promised from the tractor terminal introduced as part of the switch to Deere’s Generation 4 operating system.

The John Deere 4640 universal display (which supercedes the 4600) is a portable unit said to be built using the latest internal components, design and user interface.

Enhancements include more on-screen help and diagnostic information to keep operators running and informed of their display capabilities; a simplified Work Setup app with page-by-page navigation; and greater user customisation of run pages.

Improved documentation for high-speed planting and nutrient applications, latest data-syncing functionalities and the ability to import new customer and product information without the risk of overwriting existing client/farm/field and guidance line data are further benefits of the new unit, says John Deere.


John Deere’s new 4640 universal display tractor cab terminal has a number of enhanced features said to make it easier to use and more informative. Photo: John Deere

The display can also more accurately map and operate section control to precisely apply multiple products simultaneously with individual coverage maps and application points, says John Mishler, precision agriculture marketing manager in the United States.

An expanded suite of Precision Ag Core applications, including:

  • AutoTrac guidance
  • Documentation job recording
  • Section control spraying/spreading/planting width adjustment
  • Wireless data transfer for automatic transmission of work documentation to the John Deere Operations Center

John Deere tractor terminal

A power button allows operators to switch off or reboot the display without stopping the tractor and it’s compatible with Extended Monitor, which increases the number of run pages visible to the operator, giving easier access to more information.

The 4640 Universal Display is available on John Deere 30-Series to the latest 6R to 9R Series machines and competitor tractors equipped with AutoTrac Universal and AutoTrac Controller guidance systems.

Product summary
Company: John Deere
Name: 4640 Universal Display
Type: Tractor in-cab terminal
Key feature: Improved components and functionality
More info: www.deere.com


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