Rapid develops semi-autonomous 2-wheeled tractor

17-10-2018 | |
Rapid develops semi-autonomous 2-wheeled tractor
Rapid develops semi-autonomous 2-wheeled tractor

The manufacturer of 2-wheeled tractors Rapid is developing a semi-autonomous tractor. The Rapid Cosmos does not require someone to walk behind it.

The Rapid Cosmos is the result of the Cosmos innovation project. The 2-wheeled tractor is equipped with very wide, steel wheels that have studs. The cutter bar has a width of 3 meters. That makes it possible to mow on slopes and swampy soil with a low center of gravity and without compacting the soil.

Rapid Cosmos also remotely controlled

After defining the outer perimeter the Rapid Cosmos is able to find his own way using RTK GPS. The 1/2 ton vehicle can also be remotely controlled. The operator is required to use the remote control to guide the Rapid the part of the field that has to be mowed, and he must stay in the vicinity of the Rapid Cosmos in order to stop the machine in case of an emergency.

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Frits Huiden Machinery writer