Sananbio Uplift fully automates vertical farming

21-07-2020 | | |
Photo: Sananbio
Photo: Sananbio

Sananbio launches its unmanned vertical farming system Uplift, which automates seeding, transplanting, harvesting, and plant transporting.

Chinese indoor farming technology provider Sananbio has announced the availability of it unmanned vertical farming system Uplift to growers globally.

Uplift pilot farm

Uplift uses robotics and conveyor systems to to fully automate seeding, transplanting, harvesting, plant transporting and system cleaning. Sananbio designed and installed the first pilot Uplift farm in April 2018 at its facility in Xiamen, China. After 18 months of operation and optimisation, the system is now available for commercial deployment globally.

“Pour your seeds in the seeder and do nothing but expect fresh veggies in a matter of days,” said Zhan Zhuo, co-founder and CEO of Sananbio. According to Zhuo, Uplift can produce 6-8 tons of fresh leafy greens every day in a farm of 5,000 sqm.

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Increased yield and lower costs

“With the same farm size, Uplift’s productivity is 6 times that of a 6-layered indoor farm. The increased yield means lowered costs, which in turn makes our produce affordable to more people. We‘ve also upgraded our water circulation system so that 60% of the water can be absorbed by plants and the remaining 40% recycled. This fact is especially meaningful for the regions of the world that struggle with water shortages and harsh agricultural conditions,” said Zhan.

Uplift uses PlantKeeper, a proprietary indoor farming management system, to control and monitor environmental factors so farm operators can be updated with real-time growing conditions throughout the farm.

Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming