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07-05-2021 | |
Photo: ANP
Photo: ANP

Do you design and build or convert Agriculture Drones/UAVs for applying sprays or fertiliser? Show it to us and we’ll put it in front of Future Farming’s global farming audience.

Aerial applications of sprays, nutrients, seed and other inputs by drones is increasing quickly across the world. More countries now have rules in place that permit this work, while others are working on new regulations to allow it to begin.

Global guide to Application Drones

Future Farming has already created an impressive catalogue of all field and harvesting robots. Now we are compiling the first ever, exclusive global guide to Application Drones.

We want to know what you offer, how it works and any special innovations that sets it apart from the crowd?

Make sure your drone is included

There is huge and growing interest in using drones/UAVs for aerial applications. This Future Farming Application Drone Catalogue offers you an unrivalled platform to show these potential buyers the full details of your products.

Do not miss this enormous FREE opportunity to show the world what your drone can do. To be included all we ask you to do is provide the information we need by completing a simple specification sheet and answer some technical questions on the details along with high resolution images.

Only Application Drones

Our catalogue is looking only at Application Drones. These can be manufactured specifically for applying liquid or solid inputs or can be existing drones converted to do this. We are looking for models that spray, apply fertiliser, other nutrients and seed – in fact any input from the air.

Please note – we will not be including drones/UAVs that can only by used for crop scouting or sensing. The catalogue is looking at only those that make applications.

Contact us!

If you are an Application Drone supplier or manufacturer make sure your product is included in this exclusive catalogue by contacting us directly via email address below. We will then email details of the specific information we need you to provide to ensure your product is included. Registration closes 21th May 2021.

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