Specialist tyre for orchards and vineyards

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Specialist tyre for orchards and vineyards

Trelleborg acquired the PneuTrac technology when it bought Czech tyre manufacturer Mitas, who had developed the ‘zero pressure’ to near commercial status.

Engineers in Trelleborg’s R&D have since refined its tyre’s construction and combined the novel Omega-shaped cross-section with the Swedish manufacturer’s innovative Progressive Traction tread design.

The result is a traction tyre that must be fitted to a special rim and is ultra-flexible so it can place as much tread on the ground as possible, while deriving its load-carrying capability from pretty much just the sidewall structure.

Trelleborg PneuTrac tyres

Trelleborg has identified orchard and vineyard tractors as the application best suited to the design – in both cases, good root protection is important but there is often little space between the trees or vines, and both often present difficult terrain.

Trelloborg PneuTrac. Photo credit: Trelleborg

According to Trelleborg marketing vice-president Lorenzo Ciferri, the PneuTrac delivers unbeatable performance on both steep slopes and muddy conditions by combining the advantages of tracks and radial tyres.

New design

“This new design allows the tread to work at 100% of its potential,” he comments. “It has the fuel efficiency, comfort and handling advantages of radial tyres and the footprint and traction benefits of a track.”

Traction is enhanced by the stepped lug design, which is proven on other Trelleborg tyres to increase grip by controlling lug deflection and creating a larger surface area to push against the soil.

Product summary

  • Company: Trelleborg Wheel Systems
  • Name: PneuTrac
  • Type: Tractor tyre
  • Key feature: Zero inflation tyre presents a wide, long soil contact patch with load support provided by the indented sidewall structure
  • More info: www.trelleborg.com/en/wheels
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