Sprayer manufacturer Househam offers high-spec package

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Sprayer manufacturer Househam offers high-spec package

British sprayer maker Househam has decided to package its latest self-propelled model with a high level of standard equipment to simplify choice and reduce delivery times.

Househam Predator 01

High-spec all-in is how Househam bills its new self-propelled sprayer – among the few choices are tank, boom and tyre sizes.

The Predator is the company’s largest model, with 4,000- and 5,000-litre (1,056 and 1,320gal) tank sizes and bi- or triple-fold booms from 24m to 36m wide (87ft to 118ft), and with wider sizes planned.

Househam aimed to minimise overall weight and distribute the machine’s mass as evenly as possible to keep its impact on the soil to a minimum.

Carrying the rear-mounted boom on pantograph linkage rather than a vertical mast saved weight, positioning the engine at the back allows the tank to be positioned further forward and shaping a chassis that will accept 117cm (46in) row crop wheels and tyres all help in that respect.

The 5,000-litre/36m version weighs 10.4t on row crop wheels, distributed 5.8t to the rear axle and 4.64t to the front axle with the boom opened up. Reactive hydraulic suspension for both axles and hydrostatic drive with Househam’s own speed control system – which provides “work” and “headland” cruise control settings and ensures the engine runs at minimal speed for the load – are also part of the package.

Househam Predator 04

Electric valves allow plumbing functions to be selected by a key pad alongside the filling station.

Spraying equipment includes Altek quad nozzle bodies with automatic tip selection and individual on-off section control as standard, and electrically operated valves not only simplify selection of different modes – filling, recirculation, spraying, for example – but also minimise pipework volume needing to be rinsed at the end of each spray job.

Househam’s Predator

Fieldmaster GNSS guidance is included with Househam’s Total Machine Control touch-screen operating system, which provides power unit instrumentation, remote daily fluid checks and all spraying control and monitoring functions.

Variable rate application shape files can be uploaded for “real time” rate demands and compatibility with Gatekeeper farm records software allows records to be completed from the vehicle’s cab and exported via USB memory stick.

Product summary
Company: Househam Sprayers
Name: Predator
Type: Self-propelled sprayer
Key features: All-in specification as standard; light weight for its size, favourable weight distribution and large diameter tyres for minimal soil impact

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