Spreading 2 fertilisers simultaneously just got easier

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Spreading 2 fertilisers simultaneously just got easier

Optimum spreader set-up for applying 2 fertilisers at the same time without blending is made easier with a new front-mounting option for Amazone twin disc broadcasters.

Available for the ZA-V and ZA-TS tractor-operated spreaders, the package covers the practical requirements for mounting a fertiliser spreader up front, such as a lighting kit comprising clear side lamps and additional headlights for road-legal between yard and field.

But Amazone has developed its control software to display the spreading functions in reverse and automate the switch-on and switch-off points at the right place for this configuration.

The German manufacturer produces a number of precision farming related tools to simplify, automate and regulate fertiliser spreading, including GPS-Switch headland on/off and spreading width section control, and GPS-Track parallel guidance.

Amazone ZA-TS-1700_Profis_Hydro 01

Amazone ZA-V and ZA-TS fertiliser spreaders can be used front- as well as rear-mounted using a new lighting and software package.

GPS-Maps facilitates variable rate application from precision maps and real-time sensors, while Argus Twin uses sensors to constantly monitor the spread pattern and adjust it as necessary.

Argus Twin

The latest version of Argus Twin, which is available on the ZA-TS mounted spreader and on the ZG-TS trailed spreader, can also compensate for potential spread pattern distortion in windy conditions.

A wind speed and direction sensor raised above the tractor to get a clear reading provides the necessary data for the control software to determine whether the spreading system needs temporary adjustment.


Amazone wind control ZG (002)

Amazone WindControl can be added to the Argus Twin functions on ZA-TS mounted and ZG-TS trailed spreader to automatically correct the spread pattern when distorted in windy weather.

The new front-mounted spreader facility enables growers to use broadcasters in tandem, to save blending 2 fertilisers and to enable each spreader to be set up with optimal settings for the characteristics of the materials.

Product summary

  • Company: Amazone
  • Name: Front mounting ZA-V and ZA-TS
  • Type: Fertiliser broadcasters
  • Key feature: Lighting and control software enabling fertiliser spreader to be operated on the front of a tractor in tandem with a rear-mounted unit
  • More info: www.amazone.de
Peter Hill Machinery writer