UAV-IQ offers drone-based aerial biocontrol

30-07-2019 | |
Aerial release of beneficial insects
Aerial release of beneficial insects

UAV-IQ is now offering aerial biocontrol, a new integrated pest management (IPM) service that uses drones to release beneficial biological control agents bred by Koppert Biological Systems.

Drone-based aerial biocontrol is to offer a new way for conventional and organic growers to combat pests, reduce the environmental impact of pesticide usage, and address a growing labor crunch.

“We‘re extremely excited to team up with the premier company in biocontrol to help address the pest management needs of growers” says Andreas Neuman, CEO at UAV-IQ.

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Aerial release of beneficial insects. - Photos: UAV-IQ

Aerial release of beneficial insects. – Photos: UAV-IQ

Ryan Hill, General Manager at Koppert Biological Systems, said: “After extensive research, development, and field trials I’m confident that we are providing growers a high-quality service that will become a standard component of effective, modern integrated pest management plans.”

Features and benefits of drone-based aerial biocontrol include:

  • Kill pests even when they‘re hiding where chemicals can’t reach
  • More efficient distribution than traditional application techniques
  • Meaningfully reduce use of chemical pesticides

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Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming