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Automatic settings adjustment on the move is a feature of the new Agco Ideal combine harvesters due to begin production next year.

They are the company’s highest output harvesters yet built for distribution through Challenger, Fendt and Massey Ferguson dealers worldwide.

AGCO Ideal 9 combine 01

AGCO’s all-new Ideal harvester design offers significantly more capacity potential than any previous Challenger, Fendt or Massey Ferguson combine. Photo: Agco

The optional IdealHarvest system uses a grain quality camera and 52 mass acoustic-detection sensors to monitor the flow of crop through the different stages of the threshing, separation and cleaning systems and make adjustments according to operator-set targets.

It is operated through a display on the Tech Touch terminal or a mobile device using Agco’s SmartConnect app, where the operator can choose a combination of quality, performance and sample cleanliness depending upon the priorities on the day.

AGCO Ideal - auto operation 02

An auto settings adjustment system is set-up through an in-cab display that also visualises crop flow inside the combine. Photo: Agco

A unique feature is the crop-flow visualisation which shows the distribution of crop inside the combine, this is fine-tuned in terms of rotor speed, fan speed and sieve opening to achieve the desired result.

AgCommand telemetry, Bluetooth wireless connectivity in the new Vision cab and all levels of AutoGuide GNSS steering are also available.

AGCO Ideal - auto operation 01

Alternatively, auto set-up function parameters can be defined using a tablet computer. Photo: Agco

The Ideal range comprises a single-rotor model with 451hp engine and a pair of twin rotor models with 538hp and 647hp engines, all available to run on wheels with a ParaLevel option or on suspension tracks.

AGCO Ideal - connected 01

A relatively narrow frame means the combines are no more than 3.3m (10ft 10in) wide when equipped with 800mm (3in) tyres or 660mm  (26in) tracks for easier mobility in markets with width restrictions on highways.

Agco video explaining the IdealHarvest system

The 4.84m (15ft 11in) long rotors have an intake screw, horizontal rather than angled threshing rasp bars and a series of crop teasing fins arranged in a helix to propel crop through the separation section as grain is extracted by centrifugal force.

At 17,700 litres (625cu ft), the larger of two grain tank sizes is the biggest capacity of any combine and features the fastest unloading rate at 210-litres/second (7.4cu m).

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