Video: RoGator applicators get spray system revamp

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Video: RoGator applicators get spray system revamp

Booms that self-prime ready for spraying and an air-charge system that empties pipework when spraying is interrupted are among features of the latest Challenger RoGator self-propelled row crop applicators.

There are three models as before, with peak outputs of 302hp, 341hp and 370hp from 7.4- and 8.4-litre AGCO Power engines delivered through the SmartDrive hydrostatic transmission, which regulates torque at each of the four wheel motors to minimise traction loss.

Challenger RoGator-1300C-liquid-01

Challenger RoGator

The RG900C, RG1100C and RG1300C are all available with New Leader fertiliser spinners and the most powerful of the trio can also be had with the AirMax 180 pneumatic boom spreader.

Challenger’s LiquidLogic spray system comprises a cylindrical stainless steel tank with a capacity of 3,400-litre, 4,160- litre and 4,921-litre (900-gall, 1,100-gall and 1,300-gall) for each of the three models, and a choice of 704- and 1,130-litre/min (186- or 299-gal/min) pumps.

Challenger RoGator

Booms are three sizes from 27-36.6m (90-120ft) in steel and 36.6m and 40.2m (120ft and 132ft) in aluminium for the North American market.

FlowLogic recirculation plumbing primes the spray lines ready for action to avoid misses at headland start-offs and keeps the liquid moving through the spray line, the feed and return pipework, and the filters to minimise the likelihood of chemicals settling out and causing blocked nozzle tips.

A “hold at minimum” pressure feature is designed to maintain a consistent spray pattern at low ground speed, and if spray jobs are interrupted, the new ClearFlow recovery system pushes unused product back into the tank, where it can remain agitated or off-loaded.

Injection system

A twin-tank chemical injection system is also available. The AccuTerminal mounted on a new armrest control console provides up to four vehicle and application displays on the 10.4in screen.

Its built-in software includes AgControl sprayer regulation and boom section control with up to 35 or 36 segments depending upon nozzle spacing, plus Auto-Guide steering, control sequence headland management and one or two remote camera feeds.


Challenger RoGator

Variable rate application from prescription maps and job documentation functions are also available to the operator, who can opt to have a Raven Viper 4+ spray controller installed, providing boom height control, 16-segment boom section control and Slingshot wireless data transfer.

Product summary
Company: AGCO Challenger
Name: RoGator C Series
Type: Row-crop spray and fertiliser application vehicles
Key feature: New liquid pack with features to provide increased control of spraying, reduced risk of nozzle blockages and less residue liquid.

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