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TeeJet Technologies offers the UniPilot Pro electrical assisted steering system with a choice of three different guidance systems/terminals.

What is the most striking detail of your system?

Universal steering, can be fitted on most agricultural vehicles (tractors, combine harvesters, etc.).

How is it fitted?

Specialised TeeJet dealers can assist with the installation which typically takes half a day.

Can it be fitted on pre-installed or factory fitted vehicle components?

The UniPilot Pro is a universal system to fit on most tractors without big adaptations.

Can you take the system to another vehicle?

UniPilot Pro can easily be moved between vehicles. An optional switch kit allows brackets to remain installed in a second machine, reducing the transfer to a two-minute activity.

What happens if satellite or correction signals lack or fail?

It depends on the terminal and correction signal used how the lacking or failing of satellite signal is handled.

What patterns are available?

The patterns available depend on the type of guidance used. With the Matrix 908, five guidance modes are supported: straight AB, dynamic AB, A+ Azimuth, circle pivot and U-turn.

How often and at what costs is the software updated?

System software updates are available free of additional charges via the TeeJet homepage.

Which licenses/unlocks are available and at what costs? Isobus UT, TC-SC, TC-GEO and others require an unlock code with pricing available on request.


Company name and nationalityTeeJet Technologies, USA
Product nameUniPilot Pro
Suitable brands and tractor/vehicle modelsMost tractors/vehicles
Technical requirements for tractor/vehicleHydraulic steering
Which global satellite systems does it support as standard?GPS, Glonass
What type of terminal(s) are available?Matrix 570, Matrix 908, Matrix 840 Pro GS
Terminal size(s) (inch)5.7”, 8”, 8.4”
Type of display/screenHD capacitive touch screen
Is it waterproof/water resistant?Water resistant
What application map and data formats does it support?Iso-XML, ESRI Shape with use of converter
Is your solution Isobus compatible?No (Matrix 908 is)
Can you engage autosteer with a button on the tractor arm rest/joystick?Yes
Is it capable of doing autoturns on headlands?Yes, with Matrix 908
Can it control/operate sections of sprayers, seed drills, etc?Yes, with BoomPilot, up to 255 sections
Possible minimum and maximum driving speeds with autosteer engagedmin.       0.8          km/h     32           km/h
Main components autosteer systemElectric steering unit with SCM
Rough retail price€6,500

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