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  • Manufacturer: DPH Industries (USA)
  • Robot: The FarmHand Tractor
  • Task(s): By remote control, performs most tasks of a typical compact tractor and more
  • Development start: 2019
  • Pricing: $12,500 USD


The FarmHand is a remotely-controlled, tracked, compact electric tractor. It’s designed for mixed vegetable market farms up to about 4 hectares. It performs most of the tasks that a compact tractor can do and a few beyond those, such as a prone working platform and baby greens or pea harvester. It is very versatile with four different PTO’s available, a variety of electrical outputs and multiple mounting options. Many different implements are already available or in development from the company and others. The FarmHand Tractor has Open-Source implement mounting and control systems which give users the right to repair, modify and innovate.

Drive train type

Dual motor direct drive with four PTO options.


The FarmHand tractor is compatible with BCS Quick Coupling and both 2-wheel and 4-wheel compact tractor coupling options. It has four mounting options including a class 1, 3-point hitch for added implements. Its tracks provide excellent performance in muddy fields.

Navigation system

Remote control with the need for the operator to see and guide the unit. Remote viewing (first person view), GPS & map-guided navigation are in development.

Look for all specifications in the table below.


Name/ type robotFarmHand tractor
DimensionsLength: 52 inches Height: 60 in Width: 36-72in
Ground Clearance: 38 in
Turning radius36 to 72 inches, depending on width selected
Weight  Weight 200 to 350 kg, depending on battery size
Energy source  Batteries with solar panels optional
Energy stock/range  3 to 6 hours with the battery, longer with solar panel option
Driveline  Dual motor direct drive. ¾ HP flex PTO Standard, and optional ¼ HP PTO synced to tractor speed, 4 HP BCS QUICK-COUPLING (990 RPM), 7 HP Class 1 6 Spline PTO (540 RPM). A 12 HP gas-powered PTO and hydraulic output are in development.
Output capacity  Top speed is 3 MPH (260 feet per minute)
Navigation systemRemote control with the need for the operator to see and guide the unit. Remote viewing, GPS & map-guided navigation are in development.
Pricing  Capital purchase
Availability (countries)North America, with expansion planned
Units operational (total end 2021)  6

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