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Thornfield vehicle guidance systems by ThornTek can be retrofitted to many types of vehicles and machines to perform various operations on farm land and on farms. There’s currently two systems operational in China.

What is the most striking according to the supplier?
Thornfield vehicle guidance systems can be retrofitted to many machines for precision driving at +/- 4 cm accuracy at speeds around 10 km/h and higher speeds at reduced accuracy. It controls steerable implements with +/- 2cm accuracy at speeds of 10 km/h.

How does the robot tractor with your system navigate and plan its work and paths?
Licenced users have access to an online tool that will generate paths using AB lines, smart device (such as a smart phone) based coordinates and a set of parameters. The tractor/vehicle can be positioned using the remote controller. Autonomous driving is then started using the remote controller.

How are implements operated and controlled by your system?
Implement folding/lifting is programmed at the path generation stage. Any number of sensors can be interfaced. Appropriate action can then be taken, for example, depleting chemical will text message the operator.

What are the safety features?
The ThornTek system relies on tractor’s warning and error messages to stop or shutdown(depending on warnings or critical errors). ThornTek now uses its own point cloud-based collision avoidance system as well as path deviation detection using machine learning algorithms for vineyard mowing. TornTek System automatically puts the tractor into safe mode if any of the software or hardware failure of the retrofitted components is detected.

What kind of work can your system do autonomously?
We can do any type of operation autonomously. Such as (spot) spraying, tramline renovating, disc ploughing, fertiliser spreading and internal transport?

Can you switch off autonomous mode and continue as a manned tractor for difficult work/circumstances?

How many systems are currently in the field and where?
Two, both in China.

What is the cost price per ha compared with a manned tractor?
That’s unable to predict as the possible operations are widely varied.


Company nameThornTek Autonomous Systems
Product nameThornfield Vehicle Guidance Systems
Suitable brands and tractor/vehicle modelsAlmost all
Technical requirements for tractor/vehicleElectrically controlled/hydrostatic preferred
Is your solution Isobus compatible?No
Possible minimum and maximum driving speeds0,5 km/h – 15 km/h
Main components autonomous retrofit kitGPS+Steering actuator+throttle actuator+braking (if needed)+Isobus J1939 compatible PLC+Embedded System+Software
Operator or driver nearby requiredNo
Price€54,000 / US$ 65,600
Countries the product is for sale/rent in 2022China

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