Digital match-making platform for South African farmers

26-08-2021 | |
Photo: Still from video
Photo: Still from video

Standard Bank in South Africa partnered with agritech companies HelloChoice and Food Forward SA to launch OneFarm Share – a digital match-making platform that connects farmers with excess produce to charity organisations and feeding schemes across the country.

The OneFarm Share platform is to create opportunities for farmers, especially smallholders, who might not have the capacity, from a logistic logistics management perspective, to move their products from one market to the other and to physically travel to local municipal markets to advertise their products.

Through leveraging the logistics capabilities of Food Forward SA, OneFarm Share collects produce from farmers while HelloChoice coordinates the distribution of this product to those in need.

HelloChoice, as a result of its existing capability of an online marketplace that directly connects farmers and buyers, invited various farmers on its database, from small to large, to join the OneFarm Share pilot.

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Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming