Zurich connects with John Deere Operations Center

24-06-2021 | | |
Photo: John Deere
Photo: John Deere

Connection is to allow for seamless and more accurate and secure crop insurance reporting.

Zurich North America’s crop insurance business – Rural Community Insurance Services (RCIS) – is now connected to John Deere Operations Center through John Deere’s API Services. This allows farmers insured through RCIS to electronically connect their field data to RCIS systems for more seamless, accurate and secure crop insurance reporting.

Share planting or harvest data

With this new connection – at no extra cost to RCIS policyholders – farmers utilising the John Deere Operations Center can access, analyse, manage and share their completed planting or harvest data from their accounts. With the farmers’ permission, agents can directly pull the data into RCIS FarmMaps mapping system to generate reports for signature removing the hassle of paperwork, travel, manual entry and human error.

Access harvested production records more easily

Additionally, the John Deere Operations Center connection positions RCIS to use more precision ag information in the claims process going forward. The use of the platform means farmers can access harvested production records more easily, potentially saving farmers time in providing information needed in the claims process.

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Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming