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Robot: Tortuga F and G models for strawberry or table grape
Task(s): harvesting fruits and vegetables
Development start: 2016
Pricing: As a service at comparable pricing to human picking ($0.60-$0.85 per kilo picked)


Tortuga’s robotic harvesting platform combines real AI, purpose-driven design and on-the-ground operations. The robot is primarily designed for harvesting but can also collect data for forecasts, treat plants with UV-C light and perform trimming. Similar to a human with a cart, our robot has an autonomous base that navigates up and down the row and two arms that identify, move and pick fruit. The robot’s AI uses nearly twenty ‘models’ to make complex picking decisions, relies on advanced software for two-arm picking and navigates in the row precisely and autonomously. All of these technologies are housed within a purpose-designed, low-cost, maintainable hardware platform.

Drive train type

Our robots have skid steering capabilities so they can fully turn in place. The robots are powered by an electric battery system.


The base of our G model harvesting platform can be used separately from our harvesting platform as a standalone autonomous vehicle for tasks on farm. Payload capacity of the base alone is over 800 lbs with a towing capacity of over 1 ton. This base has a minimum 20 hour battery life with a 2 hour charge time. Most of our robots are currently deployed as a full harvesting platform designed for picking and transporting berries.

Navigation system

Our navigation stack is part of our complete harvest system. We use sensors embedded in the base of the robot for collecting information on the scene and then use our proprietary perception and navigation software to drive up and down rows. No additional gps or wireless signal is required to navigate. We upgraded the functional safety on the G model robot with integrated safety microcontrollers and LiDARs for enhanced obstacle detection.


Name/type robotTortuga “F” and “G” models for strawberry or table grape
DimensionsF model -71” L x 36” W x 57” H
G model – 75” L x 36” W x 57” H
Turning radius0 degree turning radius – our drive train is skid steer so the robot can turn in place
WeightF model – 323 kg
G model – 450 kg
Energy sourceElectric – battery-operated
Energy stock/rangeF model – 14 hours per charge
G model – 20 hours per charge
DrivelineSkid steer driving/AWD – electric battery operated
Navigation systemPropriety navigation software
Output capacityTens of thousands of berries picked per day
PricingWe offer our robots as a service at comparable pricing to human picking. Harvesting services are priced on a per kilo basis ranging from $0.60-$0.85/ kg picked depending on the market conditions. Add on services such as UV-C, forecasting, and runner cutting are offered on a per season per hectare basis. Those services can range from $450 – $4,000 per season per hectare depending on the service and market conditions.
Availability (countries)USA and Europe
Units operational (total end 2023)150 robots

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